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Xbox One Backward Compatibility Won’t Support all Xbox 360 Games due to Licensing Issues

Despite the fact that Xbox One runs the entire Xbox 360 OS for the Backward Compatibility, not all games can be added to Backward Compatibility list – not from a technical standpoint, but due to licensing issues.

Over Twitter, when a fan asked Phil Spencer whether every first-party Xbox 360 game – specifically Forza and Fable – will be added to Backward Compatibility list, Spencer said that some games can have licensing issues:

Some games, racing is most difficult, can have licensing issues (songs, logos etc) but we want to support BC completely.

There are a total of 4 Forza games available on Xbox 360 all of which feature licensed vehicles and audio tracks which, according to Spencer, can cause an issue with the Backward Compatibility program.

Fable, on the other hand, should not be much hard because there would not be any licensing issue with a medieval role-playing game.

In case you are new to Xbox One Backward Compatibility, here is everything you need to know about the program!

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