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Third Pokemon XY Movie Images Hint at a New Pokemon

The Third Pokemon XY movie is currently in the works as confirmed by The Pokemon Company some time ago but we have more to share with you on that front; the movie will introduce a new Pokemon too!

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro is usually the original source of all things Pokemon and the upcoming Pokemon XY Movie is no different.

We know that a third movie is going to be released in 2016, but thanks to CoroCoro we also know now that it will probably introduce a new Pokemon!

Serebii has shared a picture from the latest edition of the magazine that has a feature on the upcoming movie. In the images shown there also seems to be one for a Pokemon that has not been seen before.

We have attached the image below, so that you can check it out yourself and if you know Japanese you will figure out that the sentence written on the image reads “is this a new Pokemon?”

The image is primarily a silhouette shaded grey and black which is why we wont be able to say much about the appearance of the new character. However, we are sure that the developers are going to discuss this further in the coming days.

Pokemon XY Movie

Keep checking back to find out more new on the third Pokemon XY movie and we will definitely let you know when the identity of the unknown Pokemon is revealed.