Silent Hill 4 Recreated in Unity by Moonville Entertainment

Moonville Entertainment’s Vjaceslav Tissen and Dennis Giesler are currently working on an visual overhaul of 2004’s survival-horror video game, Silent Hill 4: The Room.

As of this moment, the creators have only worked on the apartment section of the game using Unity5 and have shared a couple of 1080p screenshots along with a video demonstration the description of which reads:

“The modelling, texturing, programming, sound design and video editing is all selfmade!”

The creators have also stated that the entire project is private, for practice purposes, and will not be published anywhere so as to avoid issues with the Japanese publishers. In case a Silent Hill 4 remake is made available to public sometime later down the road, would you have bought it again?

In related Silent Hill news, Konami is reportedly removing all evidence of Silent Hills P.T. from all Playstation 4 units across the globe following its cancellation earlier. To read up more, head over to links provided!

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