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Nintendo 3DS Update 9.9.0-26E Brings Stability, Security and More

Nintendo is known for regular updates that they makes to their consoles as well as handheld devices; but it is even better known for the vague wording they use when detailing the features that have been addressed in any given firmware update.

Most of the recent updates made by them have been the same and the latest that came out to Nintendo 3DS recently is no different. The update titled 9.9.0-26E came with a single line of patch notes that reads:

Further improvements to overall system stability, system security, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

The said update went live only a couple of hours ago and should be available for download on your handheld device.

That being said, the only thing different in the patch notes of update 9.9.0-26E when you compare them with the predecessor 9.7.0-25U is the term “system security.”

However, we are not sure how the system security of Nintendo 3DS has been improved by this update just yet.

In parallel news, the whole gaming industry and Nintendo in particular grieves the death of Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo who passed away on July 11 due to a tumor he was battling since 2014.

Have you downloaded the new Nintendo 3DS update? Did yoou notice any visible changes to the security or stability of the handheld? Let us know in the comments below.