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Metal Gear Rising Developer Might Make Kill La Kill or Berserk Game in the Future

Kenji Saito, the director for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance has been in the industry since 17 years although he might not look that old from his looks.

Ever since then, he has ventured out to develop a number of titles but none of them have been based around an anime series – something non-Japanese fans would, for some reason, expect from a Japanese game developer.

However, this might change in style once Saito is done with his upcoming title, Transformers Devastation.

We don’t have an official confirmation, just a wish that Kenji Saito revealed over at his Twitter profile when he said that he wants to make a video game based on Kill La Kill or Berserk.

For those of you who don’t now, Kill La Kill is an anime television series from the makers of Gurren Lagann that started airing in October 2013. The series is known for being unique and gripping.

On the other hand Berserk is more known franchise. It is a manga from 1989 which is still being produced. It takes you to a fantasy world based around medieval Europe and focuses on mercenaries.

Also, you should know that the Metal Gear Rising developer revealed his interest in making a game based on the two anime series after he was inquired whether he would make a game based on Gatchaman or KARAS.

While this is no assurance that you will see a game based on either Kill La Kill or Berserk, it surely is a ray of hope for the anime lovers who want good games based on them.