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Hitman “Looks and Plays” Much Better Than What We Saw In Alpha

Announced during E3, another Hitman game is coming our way. The title is currently in closed alpha and just yesterday we reported a newly leaked gameplay footage from it.

The game looks great and a step in the right direction so far, but Travis Barbour, community manager of Io Interactive says that things will be much better then we have seen via the leaked video. According to him, we can expect visuals and gameplay to be improved.

Barbour wrote on Twitter:

You can see the leaked footage here, and check the resemblances it has with Blood Money. The best part of the video for me was definitely the Fiber Wire assassinations. Classic Hitman, can’t wait to play it!

Hitman will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 8. Developers have previously confirmed that it is not early access, although it sure sounds like it.

What are your expectations from the new Hitman game? Do you think IO can bring the series back to form, after an average release of Hitman: Absolution?