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GTA V On PC Suffers From Sluggish Frame-Rates After Ill Gotten Gains Part 2

Rockstar recently release Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 update for Grand Theft Auto V. Since then, players are reporting performance issues on PC and it seems some modders have found the root of the problem.

According to the creators of LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) mods for GTA V, performance issues seem to be related to the way Rockstar is implementing anti-modding protection.

They wrote in a post on Facebook:

In the latest update for GTA V, Ill Gotten Gains Part 2, Rockstar Games strengthened their protections against modding introduced in the first update. Included in this was a whopping 3 MB of junk code designed to confuse modders.

Unfortunately, the code doesn’t really confuse modders but it does slow down the game. The code slows down GTA V’s ability to access its script, hence, we have performance issues with the game.

The modders claim that due to this new update, it is now taking 5x longer for GTA V communicate with its scripts which is causing sluggish frame-rates.

So is Rockstar doing anything to fix this? They are actually.

We have received reports of lower framerate in GTAV and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC, and we are looking into these reports now.

Hopefully, they will release a patch to fix this issue and find a better way to protect the game from mods. For all things GTA, stay-tuned.