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Dishonored 2: Emily’s Teleportation Ability Can Be Customized

Dishonored 2 will allow us to play as Emily, she is all grown up and ready to kick some butt. Speaking in an interview, creative director Harvey Smith explained how Emily will have her own set of abilities and moves, to help her gain an edge over her enemies.

He said that Emily has matured into a competent assassin herself and her teleportation ability can be customized.

If you play as Emily it’s all new. She has her own set of powers, her own assassinations and animations, so she feels different, she feels like a finesse character. In the video, we show a power called Far Reach (Emily’s version of Corvo’s teleportation spell Blink) which can be upgraded in different ways, and it changes your flow through the world and your mobility. Just on a videogame level, moving through the world feels different.

Smith added:

But if you play Corvo, it’s all this classic stuff, it’s the rat swarms, it’s possession, it’s stopping time—he feels more heavy and brutal, he’s an older guy.

Hmmm… so playing as Emily will offer a completely different experience. Dishonored 2 was announced during E3 alongside a gameplay trailer, showing Emily doing what she does best. You can see the footage below

The game is expected to roll-out in 2016, for PC and console.

So which character are you most excited of playing as? Emily or Corvo? Let us know in the comments.