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DICE Clarifies Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Re-Imagining Storyline

In a recent interview, DICE has clarified that the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is more like a re-imagining of the original game and its story in some possible way.

While speaking with Gamespot, the Narrative Director of the game Christofer Ermgard stated that recurring fans will recognize some of the characters and elements from the previous iteration:

“People who have played the first game will recognize some elements, but for Catalyst, the city is new… We are doing something that is new; it’s different and separate from the first game. You will recognize maybe the names of some characters, but they will be different characters in this one. Sometimes we even have the name and the look, but the character, what they do is still different, so there are some carry-overs in terms of ideas.”

Speaking of the protagonist Faith, Ermgard stated that the upcoming game is all about her personal journey more than anything else and what makes her the person she is:

“Her personality now is more fleshed out. The game is about her personal journey, I would say. Of course there’s this big plot about getting involved against oppression and all that stuff, but the more important story is her journey, who she becomes and where she starts out and what happens along the way to make her into the person that she is.”

He continued saying that Faith will start a bit careless, but will emerge out as a character having self-realization which many people will relate to:

“She’ll start out her journey a bit more careless, a bit more selfish, a bit more immortal and then realize along the way that’s not the case, and I think that transformation people can hopefully relate to.”

In related Mirror’s Edge Catalyst news, the game’s collector’s edition costs a whooping $200 bucks, but do you want to buy it? Find out more here!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is scheduled to arrive on Feb. 23, 2016 across PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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