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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Battles to the Top of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

While Sony don’t think backwards compatibility matters to gamers, Microsoft had nothing but good publicity from their revelation at E3 that they were going to add this to the Xbox One. With players being able to vote which games they want to play through this system the results continue to be fascinating.

One of the games that has dominated the list has been Red Dead Redemption that sat at the top of the list, but now things have changed. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 appears to have taken the lead, with a very slim number of votes. Whether it will stay there for long is anybody’s guess, but for now there it sits.

What the games on the list show though is their popularity. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is understandable as the publicity drive for the third game reaches peak strength. Players obviously want to go back to this game to experience what made it so enjoyable.

As the release of Black ops 3 gets closer, players will also look to it and Black Ops 2, to compare the two and see if there is much continuity. What being at the top of this list also raises though is the subject of a remake, should Black Ops 2 be given a high definition update to the Xbox One?

Looking at Red Dead Redemption, the dominance it has also shown shows it is a game that fans have already shown an interest in getting a remake or sequel. Fans are waiting patiently for a sequel to one of the most popular Rockstar games, and the hope is not if this game will be revealed, but when. I hope that this is not the console version of Half-Life 3.

Are there games on that list that catch your interest? Are you a Black Ops 2 fan that wants to play it again? Or Red Dead Redemption? Let us know your thoughts below!