Battlefield 4 Community Map Jungle is Better than Ever, an Overview of Recent Changes

It is evident that DICE LA has not given up on Battlefield 4 as the studio continues to provide support for the game’s community map project.

Last month, we reported that DICE LA was working on ‘Unannounced Content‘ for Battlefield 4 which reportedly included a return of fan-favorite maps from previous Battlefield games. We do not know how far the project is in development, but apparently the studio is actively working on community-designed map called Jungle.

The said multiplayer map has been re-added to CTE and now features better textures, foliage, new buildings, geometry, and so much more. In addition to visuals, DICE has also altered the position of one flag. Although the map looked very much like a jungle prior to the said update, the changed color scheme and dirt effects have made it even better. Moreover, despite some much-needed changes, the map is shaping up pretty nicely.

For more information and a complete tour of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer map, check out this walkthrough created by Battlefield YouTube commentator, Westie.

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