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A Rare Prototype of Xevious for the Atari 2600 is Playable this Weekend

When the Atari 2600 E.T. game was dug up in the Nevada Desert, little did we know that it would bring the console back into the limelight. Digging up the past has not only revealed E.T. which some think as the worst of all time, but also a recently discovered prototype.

This Xevious prototype cartridge is dated January 1984. What is interesting about this date is the fact that Atari, Inc. was split in 1984 due to its role the video game crash of 1983, a recession in the video games industry.

This prototype is all that appears to be left of a port of the Namco arcade game. Looking at the video released by the Digital Game Museum the game while very basic does have a resemblance to the Namco arcade game.

What this cartridge shows is quite interesting, especially when we see what the game would look like on the Atari 2600 and what plans Atari Inc. had planned for their console in 1984. For those wanting to get a closer look at the game they may be in with a chance.

It looks like there will be a chance at California Extreme this weekend. This will obviously be interesting for retro fans and anybody interested in a very rare Atari 2600 game that never made it to an actual release. The prototype is said to be a copy of Xevious that is almost complete.

What are your thoughts on Xevious? Is this a game you would like to try out? Let us know your thoughts below.