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Xbox One and Xbox 360 Party Chat and Cross-Play Will Arrive Eventually

The release of Windows 10 is coming at the end of the month (July 29th) and for gamers there is great interest in just how much cross-play will be available between PC and Xbox One. While in a conversation with gamers, on Twitter Phil Spencer revealed interesting information about Party Chat:

One important aspect of gaming on the Xbox One as with Xbox 360 is to be part of the Party Chat and to be able to talk to people during gameplay. It comes as no surprise that the Xbox One and Windows 10 developers are working to get the party chat working, as this will be an important feature.

One thing this conversation also raised was the issues with backwards compatibility, which of course is unrelated to Windows 10 but still important to Xbox One gamers. If backwards compatibility is so important to Microsoft and the Xbox One, then to fully achieve the compatibility multiplayer gaming has to be considered as well as Party Chat.

In this month, priority will obviously be given to the Windows 10 release, especially around the Xbox app. With big updates being given to the Windows Insider program PC users with the Windows 10 preview already have the ability to connect to their Xbox One and stream, as well as record from PC games using the DVR functionality. This works with all games, and works well.

After the release of Windows 10 and any teething problems are dealt with it’ll be interesting to see if backwards compatibility will be focused on, especially with the aim of bringing multiplayer between the Xbox One and Xbox 360. This is obviously on gamers mind so something Microsoft may have to look into.

What do you think about the Windows 10 release? In addition, what about the backwards compatibility issues, does it need the ability for cross platform Party Chat too?