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The Witcher 3 New Ciri Outfit DLC to Come “Soon” After Early Release Mistake

When Xbox One fans received a notification to download the “New Ciri Outfit” DLC for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, many fans may have taken up the offer, but it was released in error. As CD Projekt Red’s Marcin Momot warned last week in his tweet:

For those wondering when we will be getting it, the answer that has been given this week is “soon”. With many downloading it as it was released under official channels it is obviously annoying that the release was in error, and to add to that the risk of corrupted saved games this is just a compounding of issues.

The recommendation is that if the update was installed, and then disable to avoid any bugs from ruining your experience.

To uninstall the update (or at least disable it) go into the options, downloadable content and turn it off. This should mean that it will not affect your save files in a detrimental way.

With this release being “soon”, console owners will also want the answer to when they will get Patch 1.07 will be coming to them which is about to be released for the PC. Giving plenty of new updates there is no doubt that they will want it too and quite rightly so.

What are your thoughts on the Ciri outfit being released accidentally? Did it cause you any problems such as save game corruption? Let us know your thoughts below.