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The Beginnings of Star Wars: Battlefront were Intimidating

Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the most anticipated games of 2015, but the beginnings of this ambitious project were intimidating, as stated by DICE General Manager Patrick Bach.

The game recently received a limited alpha on PC during which the participants praised it for decent optimization and gameplay experience, however, the feat was not achieved in a fortnight and DICE was intimidated when they were asked to work on the project.

In an interview with The Guardian, DICE General Manager Patrick Bach stated that the beginnings of the projects were intimidating, but in the heart they wanted to work on it because who would not want to work on a Star Wars game:

When we were asked to do this we were really scared. We thought, no, this is too intimidating. And we had enough in our pipeline to be able to say no. But on the other hand, your heart is screaming yes! Because of course you want to make a Star Wars game. We just thought, okay, we’ll figure it out as we go.”

I’m personally satisfied with what I’m seeing related to the game. DICE is not only working to deliver a decent multiplayer experience, but will also incur a singleplayer experience which will last fans for hours.

In parallel Star Wars: Battlefront news, we recently broke down the game’s multiplayer game mode called The Walker Assault and how exactly the mode plays out. For more information, head over to the link provided!

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled to arrive later this year on Nov. 17, 2015 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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