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Tekken X Street Fighter Character Lineup, Moves, Systems Completed: Harada

It has been a while since Tekken X Street Fighter was discussed properly and ever since 2013 all we have heard about it was that the game is still in development.

Well yes it really is, but this time Katsuhiro Harada has a little more to share on how much of it has been developed already.

The first thing that Harada did while talking about Tekken X Street Fighter with Famitsu was to clear the rumors that there had been no progress in the game development process. On the contrary, he revealed that they were done with character lineup as well as moves and models!

It might look like we haven’t made any progress at all, but we actually have the character lineup fully decided, and polygon models, moves and the system are fully done as well.

Moving on, he explained why there had been an apparent slack in the game’s development. You see release of Street Fighter X Tekken gave them a lot to learn about what they needed to do; and what they want is a surprise for the fans:

Another reason is that Street Fighter X Tekken has already been announced, developed and released. So just doing this normally, and trying to sell it as a special crossovers, isn’t going to catch any interest. We need some sort of surprise, right? I can’t really say how we’re aiming to surprise fans right now, but we’ve been playing around with many different ideas.

Of course we don’t know what exactly that surprise is going to be, but at least Harada has clarified that they are really into making Tekken X Street Fighter a reality.

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