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Star Wars Battlefront Gets Some Questions Answered, Vehicles, Split-Screen and More

When we see new games revealed at conferences, we are given many teasers and little information. The weeks after are often the time for all the smaller details to be revealed. Star Wars Battlefront is one of the games that fans want to know everything about, but not much was really revealed to us. This is why Mathew Everett the Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager has taken to the internet to answer some questions about the game.

The first question answered was how vehicles will spawn in Walker Assault. The answer to this is that vehicle power ups are found around the game map. Once these are picked up by the player and activated, the player will automatically spawn inside the vehicle.

These vehicle power ups have a time limit in which they must be used. This time out was added to balance out the distribution of vehicle power ups amongst the players.

On the subject of vehicles, it was noted that the players wouldn’t have access to the Y-wing. This vehicle is a support ship that can be called into battle in certain game modes.

On whether split-screen multiplayer would be available on the PC, the answer was no. This type of multiplayer mode would only be available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Another question was whether experience built up during multiplayer gameplay would apply to the progression of the game. The answer given for this is that multiplayer career experience would be provided for each mission won. These experience points could then be used as credit to unlock rewards.

What are your thoughts on the answers given? are EA giving the fans what they want? Let us know your thoughts below.