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New Advanced Warfare Update is Live, Features Bug Fixes and Tweaks

While we all look forward to the release of Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is still being played and bug fixes are still needed to keep things running smoothly. This is why Sledgehammer have released a patch for the game hopefully making the gaming experience even better.

Available on all platforms, the changelog for the release can be viewed here. The update is interesting because not only does it feature in-game updates and UI updates but there are updates to weaponary, game modes, Scorestreaks, maps, and also the Exo Zombies.

As usual these updates fix general exploits that have been discovered in the game, problems that have caused players issues and balancing in the weaponry. Changes like these are always interesting because the damage level is something that players obviously notice, especially with their favourite weapons.

If the balance is changed in a detrimental way, reducing or increasing the damage too much, this can cause a lot of annoyance, especially in a game that is taken so seriously. Frame rate drop issues and connectivity problems being fixed is much more welcome.

One improvement which obviously will be popular is that players can no longer accidentally join a DLC playlist if they do not own that DLC. This should help with issues caused when the player actually tries to start a match and will be refused until they purchase the content.

It’ll be interesting to see if the weapon optimisations and bug fixes have made an impact on player enjoyment, for the better or worst. I’m sure the community won’t waste time in letting that be known.

Have you updated your game yet? Let us know your thoughts on the updates and if it’s improved your game.