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Kingdom Hearts 3 and Star Wars Battlefront to be Present at D23 Expo 2015

While most eyes are on Gamescom 2015 for the next big gaming reveals, sometimes relatively small event are the place to look for more updates. For Disney based gaming news, one place to look is the D23 Expo 2015, which will be taking place at the Anaheim Convention Centre.

Square Enix will be bringing special guests to the event and surprises to reveal some new information about Kingdom Hearts 3. It will be interesting to see what new details they’ll be showing from the game, which may include new characters and locations.

As well as Square Enix, EA will also be there with Star Wars Battlefront updates. Disney will also be providing news on Infinity 3.0 Edition. With a promise of not only Disney and Disney Pixar characters, but Marvel and Star Wars too, there will also be the chance for fans to play the game with the characters.

Characters from Pixar’s Inside Out, Star Wars Twilight of the Republic, and Star Wars Rise Against the Empire will be there. Fans will also be able to take part in the virtual “Only in the Toy Box” experience which uses augmented reality technology to virtually put players into the Toy Box environment.

Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade machines will also be on show at the event, which will be playable.

On the mobile games side of things Star Wars: Commander, Frozen Free Fall and LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum will be available on the show floor to try out.

While the event is designed to provide updates on all the gaming releases connected to Disney, it is obvious that there will be great interest in what Square Enix and EA will have to reveal. Will the companies hold off on revealing some exclusives until the event?

Do you think that Square Enix and EA will show anything interesting at the D23 Expo 2015? Let us know your thoughts below.