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Horizon Zero Dawn Combat System, Open World, Progression Discussed by Guerrilla Games

Recently we talked a lot about the kind of weapons and their uses in Horizon Zero Dawn, this time we have a lot more information regarding things like the combat system, the extent of open world features as well as the way progression works.

Game’s lead producer Lambert Wolterbeek Muller and studio art director Jan Bart Van Beek sat down recently to discuss a lot of these features and the first thing we have found out is that every mountain top, river or valley you see in the game will be accessible – that is how high the game is on open world elements.

Also, you will get a “full climbing and traversal system [where] you can climb up mountains, climb into trees, swim through rivers” and more.

On the topic of combat, Van Beek revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn brings you about three fighting styles:

There’s one that’s very much focused on stealth, one that’s focused on firepower, one that’s focused on setting traps and hunting. So there are ways where you get to customise your character and tune her more towards your play style, or develop them all to make her more into a Jack of all trades.

However, in general you will have to be very tactical, like figuring out how the environment works, what weaknesses the robots have and how your traps can work effectively.

When you look at the XP system you will see that it “is mostly tied to the perk system, so you can develop and focus your character.”

Similarly, the core of the character progression system will keep you busy in a “natural progression of harvesting stuff from robots, materials, learning how to craft new weapons, new armour, new weapons types, new ammo types.”

Horizon Zero Dawn releases in 2016, more on it later.