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Halo 5 Story Will Interconnect With Fall of Reach and Hunt The Truth

Halo 5 story will be interconnected with Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: Hunt The Truth audio series. The news came from San Diego Comic-Con, where 343 shared more about their vision for the epic narrative of Halo 5: Guardians.

We aren’t given specifics about the story or how it will interconnect with Fall of Reach or Hunt The Truth. However, Fall of Reach in an animated series that is going to explore the origin of the Master Chief and Blue Team.

The story in Fall of Reach will be told via three connected acts. The animated production will come bundled with Digital Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition of Halo 5: Guardians. Moreover, users can also view it through Halo Channel when the game comes out on Oct. 27.

You can download the Halo Channel on your iOS, Android or via Windows 8 Store.

To download it from the iOS store, visit here.
To download it from the Android store, visit here.
To download it from the Windows 8 store, visit here.

In Fall of Reach, players will get to know more about the SPARTAN program and what made characters like Master Chief and Dr. Catherine Halsey take center stage in Halo. Also, we will get to see what brought Master Chief and the Blue Team together. We are going back to early days of the alien invasion.

It was also announced that season 2 for Hunt The Truth audio series will kick-off this Fall. The series has generated more than 5.5 million podcast listens across its 13 episodes. Hunt The Truth is an investigation into Master Chief’s life.