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Halo 5: Guardians Story Will Feel More Human, Halo Channel Available for iOS and Android

Over the weekend, at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, developer 343 Industries made an appearance to to talk about everything Halo. This included a Halo Channel for iOS and Android devices (but not Windows Phone).

Also worthy of note were new animated series announced in the form of Halo: The Fall of Reach which looks at the origins of Master Chief and Blue Team, and also Halo: A Hero Reborn. More importantly, there were also some revelations on what would be coming in the Halo 5: Guardians story line.

While Master Chief will be the centre of the story there will be chances for the player to control Blue Team (Master Chief) and Fireteam Osiris (Locke) as they hunt down the threat to the galaxy. The addition of Osiris and Lock are a focus on pulling more of a human in the game.

Brian Reed of 343 Industries hinted that the story is going to be big, spanning the galaxy. With attacks on colonies and massive destruction taking place, the reason for this has to be found and stopped. Obviously not giving too much away, the focus he says is more about the humanity of the destruction, not just blowing planets up without any emotional effect on the player.

Other than the story elements, 343 are also looking at the performance side of Halo 5: Guardians, such as focusing on making it a 60 FPS shooter. With the multiplayer aspect of the game having to compete with such strong contenders such as Call of Duty and Destiny, it has to be able to stand tall against them.

What are your thoughts on a more “human” Halo 5 story? Let us know your thoughts below.