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Fallout 4: Present Your Best Vault Jumpsuit Cosplay At Gamescom and Win Prizes

Bethesda wants us to bring our best Fallout vault cosplay at their booth on Gamescom, in order to win prizes.

Bethesda revealed Fallout 4 at E3 and also presented us with some gameplay footage.  Now, the developers have announced that they will be at Gamescom to show the game and to celebrate the arrival of Fallout 4 later this year, and Bethesda wants us to dress-up for the occasion.

During Gamescom players are asked to dress-up as Vault Boy or Girl and visit Bethesda’s booth. Bethesda announced:

Come on Saturday 8 August Dressed as Vault Boy or Girl (you can interpret the iconic Vault jumpsuit freely, we are not so strict) to our booth, to get a VIP pass along with aa exclusive Fallout 4 T-Shirt – and of course the latest information about Fallout 4! Following the meeting a photo of all Vault Boys & Girls will be taken and a small surprise is also waiting..

Like they said, we can expect more Fallout 4 information to come out of Gamescom as well. Also, what could this surprise be? Dress-up and visit Gamescom in August to find out.

In related Fallout 4 news, the official art book for the game is called “The Art of Fallout 4.”  The book is listed on Amazon for $40 and developers have shared some information regarding its contents. You can read more on the topic, here.

Fallout 4 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 10.