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DirectX 12 Isn’t a Game Changer, Sjoerd de Jong Explains

The matter of DirectX 12 is complicated, some developers led us to believe that it will provide a massive boost in graphics, while others disagree.

We can debate all we want on this, but the fact is that we won’t know anything for sure until a game built on DirectX 12 hits the market. DirectX 12 will release by the end of this month alongside the new Windows 10 OS from Microsoft.

Even though its release is so close, we won’t see a DX 12 game for another year or so, may be even more. Speaking in an interview, Teotl Studios’ founder Sjoerd de Jong became one of those developers who thinks DX 12 isn’t a game changer.

I haven’t been following the DX12 news very closely so I don’t know too much about it. That being said, again the tools are absolutely key for us to progress first and foremost as mentioned, plus also we got quite good graphics already in the industry nowadays.

We are actually seeing a shift towards gameplay and story nowadays especially in smaller productions, with less emphasis on graphics. So given all that I do not think that DX12 will be a game changer.

Another interesting thing to note here is that DX12 is exclusive to Windows 10, so how many people will actually benefit from it?

De Jong further said that developers wouldn’t want to develop games just for Windows 10, while a huge amount of people will still be using Windows 7.

Still, you would not make a game just for that platform, because half of your consumers are still going to be on Windows 7 or something similar or not have a DX12 compatible card, by that time. It takes several years usually to shift a people to a new platform. I don’t see it happening any time soon.

He does have a point.

Do you think Microsoft made the right choice by making DX12 exclusive to Windows 10? Share your opinions in the comments below!