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Batman Arkham Knight Gets a New 200MB Update on PS4 Before the New DLC

While PC owners are awaiting the big patch to get Batman Arkham Knight working on their machines, it looks like a Playstation 4 update has been released, though not much is known about what comes in the update.

With the first story based downloadable content coming soon in the form of Batgirl: A Matter of Family this is probably one of the reasons for the update, as well as some performance improvements and bug fixes. At the size of around 200MB this shouldn’t take too long to download. Users in Europe and North America should find that the update is available now.

This will be welcome news to Playstation 4 owners, as long as there isn’t a performance hit with the changes. PC owners have also found out that they won’t be getting the Batgirl DLC just yet as the developers are concentrating on patching the game up first.

This is likely to annoy gamers further, especially those who purchased the game, and the season pass and were hoping that they may still get the DLC without any issues.

With the current state of the PC version, it is safe to assume that Rocksteady Studios will want to get the release of the first downloadable content right on all formats, and finally get the PC version working at an acceptable performance level.

Batman Arkham Knight is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC now, though the PC version has been temporarily been removed from sale on Steam until it is fixed. No date has been given as of yet for when a patch for this will be released.

What are your thoughts on the Playstation 4 patch? If it’s for the Batgirl DLC update are you looking forward to the new content’s release?