F1 2015 on PC is Full of Issues; Crashes, No SLI Support, FPS Drops and More

The European markets got F1 2015 yesterday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As if every new game that comes out on PC these days must bug the users, this one is not free of issues as well.

In fact, the problems faced by fans have been so widespread that tons of complaints are being made as we speak. If you have played the game you might also have encountered crashes, FPS drops, SLI issues and so many other problems you might end up labeling it as a bad port to PC.

For instance, Steam users who have bought F1 2015 report to have experienced abrupt drops in the frame rates per second. This is especially the case when you are in the championship mode as well as in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi tracks.

So much so that there was one person who got “10 fps in championship mode but yet in quick race and benchmark 144+.”

Moving on, people have been forced to stop playing the game due to unexpected crashes of numerous kinds. Some complained that the game crashes, starts again to keep running for a minute or so and crashes again for good.

Also, it has been reported that certain players have crashes the multiplayer simply by joining in; others couldn’t even run the benchmark test without facing a crash. Those who have had the worst report that the game crashes three times before finally letting them play the first time!

Sometimes it gives you the blue screen too.

Other than that, there are controller issues that forced users to completely remap their buttons (espcially on Xbox 360 controllers), resolution problems where the game resets to 800×600 automatically, cut scenes are are scrambled while blurring results in weird graphics.

There have been ghost cars in the multiplayer, input lags with Logitech G27, massive lags online, also cars were seen teleporting back and forth, there is no champagne spray after the race and there is no spray in the rain too.

Lastly, F1 2015 doesn’t have SLI support although we think the developers might fix this with future updates that are aimed at other problems that the game is facing.

Even this is not an extensive list of errors that F1 2015 is facing and we would be interested in finding out anything else that you might have experienced.

I guess Codemasters should have pushed the release away by a month.