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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is Good News, Says Ubisoft

Microsoft’s announcement regarding Xbox One backwards compatibility at this year’s E3 2015 was welcome by nearly everyone in the industry, even their arch rivals were surprised to say the least.

With such a hype behind the feature, it was expected that numerous developers would also have to tag along and Ubisoft is on of them.

Yves Guillemot, the chief executive officer at Ubisoft was recently addressing the audience at a post earnings financial call of the company where he also commented on the Xbox One backwards compatibility.

In his opinion the feature is a very good news for the gaming industry at large because there are a lot of titles that Microsoft is planning to bring on board and because Ubisoft would also like to bring some of their brands to the new console:

It’s good news for gamers that Microsoft was able to work on the compatibility aspect. They expect to come with 100 titles quite quickly, so that’s really good news. It will help some of the brands, like Splinter Cell for us, to come to Xbox One, which is great

This exemplifies how interested a development studio like Ubisoft is about the feature meaning that we can expect them to be on board in order to bring some of their famous titles to Xbox One.

That being said, a voting was being held on the Xbox website to figure out which games did the players want the most using Xbox One backwards compatibility, which of Ubisoft’s games did you vote for?