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Neverwinter Apparently Confirmed for PlayStation 4 Release

If you’re waiting for any news regarding Neverwinter on PlayStation 4, wait no more.┬áThe game has not been officially confirmed for a release on PlayStation 4 but recently Trevor Kidd, the Associate Brand Manager at Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons apparently outed the existence of a PS4 version.

He was holding a Twitch livestream showing off himself playing Neverwinter and apparently he explicitly confirmed the news.

However, as soon as the word hit the internet people tried to get a reconfirmation from him and that was when he contradicted what he allegedly confirmed saying he might have been dumb and misspoken about the matter:

I haven’t watched the stream yet, but I was probably dumb and misspoke. I have no details on a PS version of Neverwinter beyond the fact that we’d love to bring Neverwinter to more people.

Do note, however, that he did not thoroughly deny the existence of a PlayStation 4 version of Neverwinter which gives us hope that the MMORPG might actually get released on Sony’s latest console.

It could be that the developers weren’t ready to share the news just yet or it could be that he had actually misspoken; but all this remains to be seen. Until then, it would be advisable to treat this as a speculation and not a confirmation.

Thanks, Dualshockers.