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League of Legends Victorious Skins Won’t be for Sale after Survey Reaction

Surveys are used to gauge people’s reactions to ideas, which is exactly what Riot were after when they looked for feedback on the idea of selling Victorious Skins for the League of Legends game. From the reaction in the forums, the idea was one that did not sit well with the players.

While League of Legends does offer in-game purchases these have been optional and cosmetic (skins, wards, and chroma packs.) These don’t affect the game and everybody can play without feeling the need to have to make these payments to have continued success in the game.

With the news of Victorious Skins possibly being up for sale in the future, this would be offering skins that have been used as a reward for achieving Gold rank or higher. With the negative reaction to this idea, Riot Socrates released a statement to ease fans worries on the subject:

“Hey all, last week we ran a survey where we asked players questions around how they would feel about adding chromas to victorious skins based on tier achievement and selling the non-chroma versions. I want to reassure everybody we aren’t going to sell the victorious skin. We may or may not do chromas for tiers, that’s still TBD.”

On the subject of why the survey was done he said:

“Surveys like this help ensure we’re making the right changes and moving the game in the right direction. Keep in mind that just because you see a survey doesn’t mean we’re going to take that course, even if sentiment is good around a change.”

So in short, a question was raised and the players didn’t like it. Nice to see that Riot have listened to that reaction and have acted accordingly.

As we know, when the community around a game are so passionate about it is important to understand what they want, as well as what can be achieved from the game.

What are your thoughts on in-game purchases like these? Let us know your thoughts below.