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League of Legends Player Sentenced to 16-Month in Prison for Harrassing Female Players

A 17-year-old terrorizing female League of Legends players has been sentenced to 16 months in prison by a Canadian court.

The teen, who is alleged to be associated with a hacker group Lizard Squad, would contact females via Twitter or League of Legends client followed by harassing them if they did not accept his Friend Requests – all out of his boredom.

He would post the victims’ personal information online, harass them at night, and even call local authorities threatening to kill the victims or holding them captive.

One of his victims was forced to drop out from her university and armed police forces were called to her house twice within the same week.

The teen’s madness came to an end after an 8-hour long livestream session in which he harassed multiple victims and was reported by multiple viewers.

The teen was sentenced to 16-month in prison, but he has already served 8 months, but will now face 8 more months followed by another 8 months supervised in the community. Moreover, he will not be allowed to use the Internet during this course.

Speaking to CBC News outside court yesterday, the teen’s mother stated that this is not how she raised him to be and wishes that he will come out as a changed person:

“I just want him to be like, you know, the one that’s happy and wants to go out and do things and not become this. This is not how I raised him to be. To take revenge out on women.”

Lastly, do note that the names of the victims and teen cannot be disclosed due to law.

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