Futurama Release The Drones Mobile Game Confirmed

You might have been wishing that something new from the Futurama franchise would come out soon, and guess what a new game titled Futurama Release The Drones is being made!

The news was revealed through the official Facebook page of the iconic adult animated science fiction sitcom from 2013 but sadly the only details they let loose were an image and the fact that it is going to be a mobile game.

Good news, everyone! A Futurama mobile game is on the way! Get ready for shiny robots, evil forces and new adventures…register here to find out more! http://www.playfuturama.com/

The link given above looks like a newly put up official website for the game but even that link doesn’t have any details.

They do have a sign up option for those who wish to be notified for breaking news and more details as soon as they surface.

Futurama is a hugely popular animated series which is why I believe the mobile game announcement should have made the fans a lot more happier than they sound on the series’ Facebook page.

Sifting through the comments I see that a majority of the fans are saying things like “shut up and resurrect the series…Who wants another crappy pay to win mobile game?” while another popular comment reads “I do not wish to have a game. I want, no, WE want a new season.”

People compare their popularity with The Simpsons and interestingly The Simpsons: Tapped Out has made business for over $100 million! I guess that was one of the motivation behind Futurama Release The Drones mobile game.


Are you glad they are making a game or do you agree with the rest who simply want it to be replaced with a new series?

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