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Free to Play Should be Illegal, Says Minecraft Creator

There has always been a debate whether the idea (or more precisely the term) free to play is justified in most of the games that are being made these days or not.

People side equally for and against this, but recently some of the prominent figureheads in the gaming industry took the matter up in a discussion which turned pretty interesting.

George Broussard who is one of the creators of Duke Nukem passed a comment on the matter saying that “at some point, game developers who are elitist and anti-free to play games, will have to get over themselves.”

To this, the creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson surprisingly replied with a rather blunt tweet that read: “fuck that noise. Free to play is bait and switch and should be illegal.”

Yeah so the man who is known to be the father of Minecraft thinks that it should be illegal and not just that, he also compared it with drugs and gambling. When Boussard quipped with “as long as gamers respond to it, and support it, it’s only going to get bigger. pc, as well. soon, console,” Notch shot back by saying that “sure, and people also do heroin and gambling.”

However, when Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software chipped in saying “it depends on implementation. Some companies approach it less as entertainers and more like a tobacco company,” Notch clarified that it was the use of the term that he was against, not the idea:

Anyone who uses the term “free to play” instead of “in game purchases” is a crook. It really is that simple.

And I’ll probably make a game with in app purchases at some point. It’s the shady stuff I don’t like.

The whole conversation is pretty lengthy and interesting with Brian Hicks of DayZ, Lee Perry the former Lead Designer at Epic Games and Tale of Tales (among others) chipping in.