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F1 2015 Has No DLC, Day One Patch Notes Are Here

F1 2015 hit the racks today and I am sure at least some of the racing videogames fans would be glad to be able to play the game. However, unlike most of the games (even racing titles) these days, this one is not going to add additional content in the form of future DLC packs.

This was confirmed by Paul Jeal, the game director while he was sharing details that Codemasters believe are supposed to “make F1 2015 a cracker of a racing sim.”

Not for this one. It’s quite a tough game to sort out downloadable content for. The license is based on the 2015 season, and then if you want any additional tracks and cars, all of that’s extra money. It’s something we want to look at for the future – when we look at classic content, for example, or whatever else we might do.

So yeah, they are basically saying that instead of DLC they would rather make F1 2016 and give you everything anew.

Moving on, the day one patch notes have also been released by the developers and F1 2015 now has Manor Marussia F1 Team. Other than that, handling and models of 2015 cars have also been updated. Here’s a rundown on everything:

  • All 2015 cars have their proper 2015 steering wheels in the updated version.
  • All cars have the new correct 2015 bodywork
  • Addition of the Manor F1 team
  • McLaren has had a full livery update
  • Mercedes has had a minor livery update
  • Williams sponsor changes plus minor livery change
  • Force India sponsor changes
  • Red Bull sponsor changes
  • Ferrari sponsor changes
  • Performance and handling characteristics for all cars have been adjusted to mirror the 2015 season so far
  • Engine performance and power delivery characteristics have been changed
  • Aero/Drag balance has been adjusted
  • AI Driver stats have been adjusted based on their season performance
  • The AI have been trained to drive the new updated cars, with full awareness of all of the changes

Will you be okay with the fact that F1 2015 has no DLC content for you?