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Destiny The Taken King to Add Big Changes to the Bounties and Quest System

Destiny fans are eagerly awaiting The Taken King expansion, and with its arrival, they can expect something special. As the game heads into its second year, it is going to go through improvements that fans will like, while some maybe won’t.

Fans of Destiny will know that Bungie provide them with a Weekly Update to give them updates on what is coming. This week plenty of interesting details were revealed as to some updates around quests and bounties and how they can be interacted with during the game.

With new quests coming that will be more in line with the base game’s Exotic Bounties. These challenges will be more difficult and multi-layered but will see the player rewarded in the form of Exotic Weaponary when completed.

On the quests and bounties, they are also in for a change in the way the user will be able to interact with them. A new menu tab will be added named “Quests” were they can all be easily viewed. This update will come with the release of The Taken King and consolidate all of the missions, bounties and other activities into one easy to find place.

Quests and bounties will also be trackable through the HUD, which will save the player from having to move to the menu. This will be done by pressing a button on the D-Pad to cause the details to pop up on the screen. Bounties will also be upgraded to allow 16 to be held.

A nice move with bounties, which will be a real time saver for some, is instead of having to move back to the Tower to turn them in on completion, the Quest page will allow you to do it from any location.

The Weekly Update also states that new information will be revealed in the coming weeks to add to what we already know.

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