Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil ‘Zombies’ Mode Gets Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was definitely going to get a zombies mode, it was just that Treyarch had not officially revealed it until recently.

We now know that the game’s iconic Zombies Mode is called Shadows of Evil as unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con. That is not all, for those of you who prefer to see before they buy, here’s the official reveal trailer for the mode.

In the video above, which starts off looking more like a movie based in the old days you will see that the mode is strong on creating a different aura around it in comparison to the usual Black Ops 3 attire.

There are mustaches, hats, jazz music and a lot of zombies sprawling around at least four characters that include a girl.

Into the second half of the trailer you also get to see one of the big baddies which doesn’t look anything like a zombie. It is a giant beast with three heads and numerous limbs.

The film-noir era setting of 1940s sounds new to Call of Duty, but the developers of Black Ops 3 promise that you will have more fun in the Shadows of Evil Mode than any Zombies Mode ever made.