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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Comes With Solution for Racials

World of Warcraft players have been indulging in major discussions regarding the game’s racials and the problems they are facing. Fans say that they are imbalanced and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

The community manager for Blizzard Entertainment commented on the matter saying that “Every Man For Himself is a problem” that they want to fix.

He then added that the issue was much more complex than what it originally looked like because they “want to reduce the effectiveness of the Human racial, but we don’t want to leave Humans with a useless racial either.”

In terms of fixes here’s what he had to say:

With Patch 6.2, we reduced the effectiveness of on-use trinkets which, in turn, reduced the relative strength of having two throughput trinkets equipped. Today, we’ve just pushed a hotfix that increases the raw stats on the Medallion trinkets (e.g. Versatility, Crit, Stamina, or Spirit) by 50%.

Our intent with both of these changes is to still allow Humans to benefit from equipping two throughput trinkets, but reduce how much of a benefit that is when compared to equipping a Medallion enough that other racial abilities feel more competitive. We’d love to hear how this change is working out once you’ve had a chance to play with it a little.

Now the question if whether the hordes are going to be satisfied with the changes that Blizzard Entertainment is going to make to World of Warcraft with regards to racials or not.