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The Behemoth’s Game 4 is Now Called ‘Pit People’

Last year, creators of Castle Crashers, The Behemoth, teased a trailer for a new game they dubbed Game 4.

The developers have now released the official name of their project, which is called Pit People. The title of is a reference to an important part of the game that features a gladiator-styled arena, hence the used of the term ‘pit’.

The design is eventually shifted to adventuring elsewhere, but a key moment within the game will be set in the pit itself, which suggests that despite its advancement to other locations it will still hold importance to have the game’s name based on it.

The selection of the title has also led to the opening of the game’s official website.

Pit People is termed as a strategic game that emphasizes on positioning, and will be playable in a singleplayer campaign mode, two player co-op mode, or a 2v2 PvP mode. The game is being made for the PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

Currently, no release window has been revealed, but we expect the Pit People website to be updated with one soon.