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Ted Backman, Half Life Artist Might Have Left Valve Corporation

Half Life 3 is one game that probably many of us wish to hear about every day but Valve Corporation is adamant that they are not going to announce something about it any time soon.

On the other hand, we are now picking up word that one of the major artists who has worked on previous games in the series has left his job at Valve Corporation.

The guy in question is Ted Backman, who has worked as art director, conceptual artist, illustrator, and animator for the development studio.

News of his departure from the studio behind Half Life came out through the Facebook profile of Ted Backman. It appears that Backman updated his job experience on the profile stating that he left his job at Valve Corporation back in May.

You can check it out yourself by clicking on this link.

Backman is credited with designing some of the more famous lifeforms and environments that we have known in the gaming industry. Talking of Half Life, some of the iconic things he designed include Headcrabs, Zombies, Rebels and Combine faction.

There is a load of other things that he has worked on both the installments in the Half Life series. like The Hydra, I.A. Latham, The Overwatch Elite, The Overwatch Soldier, The Rebel/Citizen, The Sacktick, The Shield Scanner, The Stalker, The Stampeder, The Strider, The Tripod Hopper, The Wasteland Scanner, The Synth, The new Zombies and many more.

Valve Corporation has not given an official statement on the matter which is why we don’t know the reason behind Backman’s departure. So what happens to Half Life 3 now?