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Project Ascension Attempts to Integrate Steam, Uplay, and Origin Into One Software

If you’re fed up with jumping between Steam, Uplay, and Origin for your game downloads and experience, you might be interested in Project Ascension.

A group of volunteers who shared mutual frustrations united to develop a new software that combines all the mentioned marketplaces together in one place.

This is what Project Ascension essentially is, acting as a more or less browser extension that will unite the libraries and newsfeed of the gaming services from Valve, Ubisoft, and EA.

Till not too long ago, only Steam due to its originality was seen as the epitome of gaming service systems for the PC. Due to Steam’s immense success, EA decided to hop in with Origin, followed swiftly by Ubisoft who introduced their Uplay service.

The latter bandwagoners are often met with grimace because most gamers feel that this attempt at competing only forces redundancy. Project Ascension attempts to streamline the entire system for those who happen to own various titles across the three gaming clients.

The UI of this ambitious ‘project’ is attractive, but there are certainly issues that the devs will have to overcome in order to make it a streamlined software without any limitations/hiccups to encourages gamers to prefer it over the native clients.

You can check out the UI and read the FAQs on the official website for Project Ascension.

If development goes as planned, a beta release for Fall 2015 can be expected. Stay tuned for more updates on it as they come.