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Mass Effect Andromeda Leveling System is “Incredible”

Its not like Mass Effect Andromeda was going to come with out a leveling system, but the developers had not officially confirmed it for the game so far.

That was, however, until the game producer didn’t come up to comment on it. Michael Gamble, the producer at Bioware took to his official Twitter profile saying that he “showed the game to some very senior people today…with late game content…and a level 1 character. No, they weren’t laughing *with* me.”

While that was the first time they referred to character levels in Mass Effect Andromeda, like I said it wasn’t unexpected.

What is interesting though, is the fact that every time Bioware develops a new Mass Effect title they tend to do something new with it; whether it is the skills or the RPG system.

Not only is it good to know that the game is going to feature a leveling system, but Gamble also teased that the leveling system is “incredible.”

In response to a fan comment he said that in his opinion the leveling system itself is quite incredible and that level designer Ian S. Frazier did a great job on it.

Referring to the scarcity of details on everything Mass Effect Andromeda he added that more details will be shared on leveling system of the game later.

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