LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Pack Gets A Trailer

LEGO Dimensions hits the racks on September 29 and ever since it was announced, the massive number of content packs that the game is going to get have kept tons of LEGO fans excited.

We showed you the content packs when they were leaked in May including Portal 2, Simpsons, Scooby Doo, Jurassic World and the infamous Doctor Who.

Now we have a trailer dedicated to the iconic character and his blue phone booth that was released recently by Warner Bros.

In the trailer you see a number of other characters from different universes coming to meet Doctor Who and finding out the Twelfth Doctor, TARDIS aka the Time And Relative Dimension In Space (time machine used by the doctor) which characters like Batman and Gandalf get introduced to.

It also features other robots from the Doctor Who series, most of whom are not big fans of the Doctor – no surprises there.

Check it out yourself and tell us how interested you are to be in the shoes of the iconic Doctor who no one really knows.

LEGO Dimensions is supposed to get the Doctor Who Level Pack on November 3, 2015 which is certainly not going to be the first wave of content releases.