Ken’s New Style Revealed for Street Fighter V, Watch Trailer

Update: Official trailer added above. Check all the abilities and Ken in action.

Original Story
Street Fighter V character roster news is always going to be big, especially when changes come. While there is mystery surrounding a lot of these that have not yet been revealed, today we look to have some information on a returning character.

Ken now brings an array of new abilities to his fights. His fighting style, including the mastering of the flaming Shoryuken make him a major player in the game as do his flashy combos and increased damage ability. Included in his arsenal are:

  • V-Skill: Quick Step – allowing Ken to close distance to an opponent quickly
  • V-Skill: Trigger – Channels flames through his body for a short time. This powers up his special attacks because of the increase of hits and trajectory.

Based on a video that just appeared on Twitter, here is Ken:

While the footage is high speed and the details in his design can’t be seen in detail there are still some obvious changes there which we are sure to see more about soon.

It’s no surprise that he is going to be featured in the Street Fighter V game as he is a regular to the series, but to see the changes in his design is interesting.

With this reveal, he probably won’t be in the beta that was announced, unless they were holding this as a secret. Could this be a possibility? We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

As SDCC 2015 progresses expect more reveals like this to come. From what you can see, what do you think of Ken’s new style? Let us know below!