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Final Fantasy XIV Hotfix Released; Brings a Fix For Zodiac Weapon Zeta Cutscene and More

Developer Square Enix has released a new hotfix for Final Fantasy XIV that will address a few issues in the game. Details of the hotfix were shared over at the official forum, where a Square Enix rep revealed the brief patch notes.

The hotfix deals with an issue during Zodiac Weapon Zeta cutscene, where the game client would crash under certain situations. Another fix deals with some incorrect texts within the game.

Full patch notes are posted below:

  • An issue during the Zodiac Weapon Zeta cutscene wherein the client would crash under certain conditions.
  • An issue with the Duty Finder wherein the features of the “Undersized Party” setting might not work during the duty if the party that selected it met minimum party size requirements.
  • An issue wherein certain text was incorrect.

Judging by the amount of fixes, the hotfix shouldn’t be large in size. Download it and let us know what other fixes or improvements would you like to see in future patches and updates.

You can also follow the link here, to read about a recent patch for Final Fantasy XIV. It brought a plethora of fixes and improvements including a fix for an issue in “Thok ast Thok (Extreme)” wherein Ravana would only auto-attack under certain conditions.

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