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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward The Fractal Continuum Dungeon Guide

The Fractal Continuum is one of the two expert dungeons in Final Fantasy: Heavensward.

Level 60 players need to start Do it for Gilly side-mission by speaking with Notrelchamps in The Pillars – x: 14; y: 11.

Heavensward The Fractal Continuum Dungeon

The dungeon requires Item Level 145 to enter and drops 80 Tomestones of Law. Moreover, it comprises of 3 bosses who must be defeated in order to complete the dungeon.

The guide contains everything you need to know about The Fractal Continuum:

The first bit of trash in the dungeon does nothing special and is quite easy to eliminate. Therefore, the idea is to keep on going at a comfortable speed and you will eventually come across the first boss, Phantom Ray after two rooms of trash.

Phantom Ray
The first boss fight is not very mechanically heavy, but there are certain things that you need to consider. Your primary tank need to have some heals or cooldowns because his attacks on your tank hit quite hard.

In addition to this, the boss also casts a number of room-wide AoE, two cone-shaped AoE, and small multiple AoE which you need to avoid.

He also occasionally stacks up damage which continues to increase as you prolong the fight so make sure to dodge the AoE attacks, heal up the damage, and kill him as fast as possible.

Although the second bit of trash is more annoying than the first, you can interrupt most of the attacks to give yourself some breathing room. After dealing with the adds, head over to the second boss fight, Minotaur.

One of the most important things to know about Minotaur is that he does not have AoE markers and you must read the names of the moves in order to dodge them. Below you will find an overview of all his moves and how to dodge them:

  • 11 Tonze Swipe – a cone-shaped AoE which your tank must quickly step out in order to evade
  • 111 Tonze Swipe – a large AoE which deals huge damage and must be evaded by all the players
  • Disorienting Groan – A high damage dealing attack which is followed by another charged attack which knocks back almost all the players
  • Slash – a narrow AoE which can be easily side-stepped
  • 1111 Tonze Swipe – a room-wide AoE which can only be stopped by clicking one of the Biomass Incubator around the room

Lastly, you need to make sure that the boss does not feast on the add by killing the add as soon as possible. Just make sure to evade all the AoE and do not let the boss consume the add to complete the boss fight.

The Curator
Once you have pressed all the switches and teleported to the boss, the fight starts. The last boss fight is a quite straightforward one with occasional AoE attacks and room-wide damaging attacks.

Your healer should also be quick enough in order to remove the Aethrochemical Explosive on one of your random party members.

In addition to this, The Educator will light up a couple of squares which will explode upon the completion of cast so make sure to keep a safe distance.

You should also try to avoid the mines in order to avoid paralysis and complete this boss fight.

If there is anything else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the Comments Section below.