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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Alexander Raid Strategy, Loot Gear Guide

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Alexander Raid strategy and tips for all turns with rundown of loot and gear with recommended paths to help you acquire.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Alexander Raid

After the completion of Alexander, you will be entitled to complete Final Fantasy 3.0: Alexander Savage which will unlock on Jul. 21, 2015. This guide provides everything you need to know about Alexander Normal, bosses, loot, and more.

Following are some quick strategy tips you can use to take complete the Alexander Raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

Alexander Normal Preparation

First thing that you need to do before starting Alexander is to complete the main story content and reach the final mission called Heavensward.

Once you are done with the main story content, test your skills with a couple of level 60 dungeons called Neverreap and The Fractal Continuum which are unlocked by completing Reap what you Sow and Do it for Gilly side-missions.

Another thing to note here is that you will need to be at item level 145 in order to enter the dungeons. You may need to complete the dungeons multiple to acquire level 160 equipment and the Tomestones of Law by eliminating bosses.

Duty Roulettes are an amazing way of earning Tomestones of Law much faster: High Level Duty Roulette rewards 100 law, Low Level Duty Roulette rewards 100 law, Expert Duty Roulette rewards 80 law, and Trials Duty Roulette rewards 60 law.

Once you have acquired enough, head over Idyllshire and meet up with Hismena to spend your Tomestones of Law.

In order to upgrade one of the item level 170 pieces acquired from the Tomestones of Law into item level 180, you will require items from either Daily/Weekly Hunts or A/S Hunts.

After acquiring Centurio Seals from the Hunts, exchange them with Ardeolain in The Forgotten Knights for the following items:

  • Doman Whetstone to upgrade Weapons
  • Doman Urushi to upgrade Armour
  • Raw Doman to upgrade Accessories

Once you are done with everything mentioned above, prepare to face a couple of new primals named Bismarck and Ravana. The former one drops a single item level 175 weapon and the latter one drops an item level 190 weapon.

But even if you did not receive the items after several attempts, you will be rewarded with a currency to buy your choice of weapon. Do note that you need an item level 175 weapon in order to survive Alexander Normal.

Alexander Normal Quick Strategy

Alexander Normal Turn 1 Strategy
The laser appearing from the sky marks the location of an incoming missile. Alarum continue to spawn and eliminating them creates a field which minifies when stepped on so eliminate the Alarum and direct the field on the laser location.

Do not use the fly-up AoE and instead run away from the blast radius. The second original appears after 2(?) minutes and must be killed at the same time as the first with approximately 30 seconds apart.

Alexander Normal Turn 2 Strategy
You need to have at least 1 player on a robot. The riders can use a VULN UP to mobs which maxes out at 5 stacks per mob. Another important thing to do is to pull the bombs away from raid using your pulling skills.

There are a total of 7 waves of enemies with a couple of vehicles. You should always try and eliminate the Red Magitek Gobwalker first for vulnerability up de-buff. Another thing to note is that the Magitek pilots are able to drag bombs away.

Alexander Normal Turn 3 Strategy
The dude has a total of 3 phases called Human Phase, Hand Phase, and Tornado Phase which are repeated throughout the battle.

During the Human Phase, do not run directly in front and flank in order to avoid splash damage.

During the Hand Phase, remain in the center of the area and evade a major knockback AoE which usually arrives during the start. For the Tornado, eliminate adds before they reach the edge. And lastly, the tether need to be kited away by the tanks.

The final phase includes a mix of everything mentioned earlier with a Tank Swap every 4-5 stacks.

Alexander Normal Turn 4 Strategy
The most important thing to note is that every mechanic causes splash damage to nearby players so it is better to spread out in order to avoid any unnecessary damage.

During the first phase, you need to focus one leg down and allow your tanks to soak exploding energy balls. Afterwards as soon as you see steam emitting from the legs, go with a stun.

During the second phase, you must keep the little adds well away from each other. These adds provide each other with stacking de-buff which can eliminate you after 4 stacks.

During the third phase, direct your primary tank in front of the boss and be prepared to withstand a massive AoE attack. Moreover, you need to separate your healers so as negate a contagious de-buff on all of them.

Lastly, beware of the splash damage while running near others and the Tank Buster which follows Discoid and acquires more hits as the fight drags.

Alexander Normal Loot and Token

This section is provided by a redditor Deatkrox and details some decent paths to follow in order to acquire gear as quickly as possible. Check out this Google Docs file to find everything you need to know!

If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the Comments Section below!