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FIFA 16 Gameplay Changes: Defending, Attacking, Smarter AI

FIFA 16 is expected to improve upon its predecessor like every year’s iteration, but this time around the emphasis is more heavily on the intelligence of the AI, defending, and neutralizing certain over-powered plays that have existed in the past three or four iterations of the franchise.

Folks at EA have been unwilling to talk about the game’s new features, but have put a lot effort in highlighting the large set of gameplay changes and ‘feel’ when compared to last year’s iteration.

The game will have much more streamlined defending that will help in neutralizing lobbed passes which seemed to be the breakers of every defense in previous games, and there will be heavy emphasis on unlocking oppositions through clever passing instead of attempting to bypass the midfield.

Additionally, the new animations won’t be for aesthetics either; completely new animations will combine with the ‘infinite touch points’ to allow players to pass and score in a variety of different ways, adding a transient touch to the game much like in real-life.

FIFA 16’s pace is nearly ‘40% slower’ than that of FIFA 15. It seems like EA Sports has gone back to the slow build-up feel that was the core feature of FIFA 14, except with smoother animations and smarter AI for defending and goalkeeping.

Also, it seems that players who are better passers and more technical will finally (and rightfully) have advantage over those with pace and power.

FIFA 16 is set to be released in September this year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A playable demo of the game is expected to be released at least 15 days away from the release date.

Additionally, like every year, EA Sports is expected to reveal its top 50 players’ ratings a month before the release of the title.