Fallout 4’s VATS Is “A Bit More Dynamic” And Less Prone to Abuse

When Fallout 3 released back in 2008, it came with a system called VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System). It allowed players to freeze time and use the opportunity to cause significant damage to foes.

The system was also seen in Fallout: New Vegas later on, so it would have been surprising to not see it make a comeback in Fallout 4.

We know that VATS is coming back but what we didn’t know that it won’t be exactly the same as it was before. The system is getting a few tweaks here and there to make it more dynamic, and less prone to abuse.

Many players used this to their advantage and abused  to make life a bit easier in Fallout. However, they won’t be able to do the same in Fallout 4.

According to Todd howard, VATS will no longer freeze time but instead will slow it down. Moreover, enemies can move while VATS is activated.

We found some ways to make it a bit, not a ton, but a bit more dynamic. It’s very, very slow and you’ll see the percentages change because the person is moving behind or coming out of a wall. So queuing up the shot at the right time matters.

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Fallout 4 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 10. Stay-tuned for more on Fallout 4.