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XCOM: Enemy Within has Little Importance to XCOM 2

Now that Xcom 2 has been confirmed gamers are likely to want to know how events from previous games will affect the story, and what to expect. With a fan base so dedicated to the games, it is obvious just how important this could be.

Speaking to PCGamer XCOM 2’s senior producer Garth DeAngelis had some interesting things to say about the game. For those wondering what effect previous games will have on this one, it will be seen that things did not go well. In fact DeAngelis had this to say about Enemy Within:

“When we do talk about this timeline, again, it’s like Enemy Within never happened. Because you lost. You lost within the first third of the game.”

From what he says in the interview, the narrative of the game is not what is important:

“It’s funny, because we talk about lore in Firaxis games, and the narrative isn’t exactly what compels us forwards”

This is an interesting view to take for the makers of a game where the gamers invest quite a lot of their energy into the story itself, where the success they have is celebrated. To ignore this element could leave some disappointed.

What players may like to see is what he says about looting in the game:

“You can now pick up loot from fallen enemies. Weapon fragments self-destructed after a certain time, so we’re building off the meld mechanic—you have X number of turns to get there, where you can pick up a specific item from a fallen Advent captain for instance. It might be a laser sight or a stock or something for your gun, but it’ll self-destruct if you don’t get there within a certain amount of time. If you get it, it’s an optional thing; you can bring it back to base and do some cool things with it.”

This should lead to some interesting finds during battles, also the fact that weapon fragments could self-destruct before the player gets to them adds a level of urgency to the gameplay that should be interesting.

What are your thoughts on XCOM 2 removing past story elements from its timeline? Let us know your thoughts below!