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Square Enix Looking to Compete with Minecraft with Dragon Quest Builders

Minecraft games seem to be all the rage right now, with LEGO World recently added to Steam Early Access and the numerous Minecraft clones the list is ever growing. Today Square Enix appears to be joining in on the fun with Dragon Quest Builders.

Coming to Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Vita, not much has been revealed yet other than an official website.

Set in Alefgard, the setting of the first Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest Builders will see the player having to rebuild the land after its destruction by the Dragonlord.

With the mention of “blocks” being used to do the rebuilding and the game being described as a “block-make RPG” it is obvious that Minecraft is the main inspiration for the games style.

While we only have one screenshot to go by, it still reveals some interesting details. First is that the graphical style has the Minecraft feel to it. Often seen in many other variations of the popular game, this look is the least surprising element of the game.

Looking at the character featured in the image it is safe to assume that this is who the player will control. Whether the style of both them and the dragons visible on the landscape will look as they do here or will be adapted to be more of the Minecraft block style is yet to be seen.

Scheduled for a release in Japan in winter, we are yet to see any details about a release in other regions. If the game proves popular though I’m sure there will be call for it to make its way to other countries too.

Do we need yet another game like Minecraft? The only answer to that is to see just what people get out of this game.

What are your thoughts on Dragon Quest Builders? Let us know below!