Space Engineers Developer Working On An Adaptable AI, Skynet In Development?

Keen Software House CEO (developer of Space Engineers) , Marek Rosa, took to his official blog to announce GoodAI, a sister company to Keen. The goal of this new venture is to work on and build the most advanced general AI.

Rosa explained that GoodAI began back in 2014 as a research project at Keen Software House. Rosa’s long time dream was to create a general AI, so last year he invested $10 million into what we now know as GoodAI company.

I am CEO of both GoodAI and Keen Software House. My role in GoodAI is to set and maintain our vision, driving both the research side and the business side of the company at the same time. I push the team to achieve our mission: develop general artificial intelligence, be helpful to humanity, and learn more about the universe.

GoodAI is aiming high and want to reach its goal as fast as possible, because Rosa says he sees the good this technology can offer our world. The AI will adapt and learn from human beings. Users will be able to tell this AI to improve itself, be even smarter and more capable of solving issues.

Rosa went on to claim that “such an AI will be the last thing humans ever have to invent.” The AI in question can cure diseases, make advancements in science and take us further into space.

GoodAI has reached two key milestones so far:

Pong-playing AI: In the first project the AI agent learns to play Pong, a Breakout game, from unstructured input of screen pixels and reward signals.

Maze game AI: developing an AI that can play a video game requiring it to complete a series of actions in order to reach a final goal. This means that our AI is capable of working with a delayed reward and that it is able to create a hierarchy of goals

Also, the company is planning to introduce this technology into Space and Medieval Engineers in the next few months. Although the company is separated into two right now – games and AI – development on games will not slow down.

Planets, new multiplayer, and Xbox porting are all progressing as planned.

It is just me or does this sound familiar? May be I watched too much Terminator but to me, GoodAI sounds similar to Skynet. World domination anyone?

On a serious note, such an AI can do wonders for human race but it will take time to fully develop it. You can read more about the AI here, and let us know if we have a Skynet situation on our hands.